Fire on the Velvet Horizon

This is a book of monsters. There are 100 of them. Of all the things we made its the one most perfectly expressive of the original intent. I think it might be my favourite. CHINA MIEVILLE LIKED THIS BOOOOOOOK. There will never be a pdf becasue I am racist against pdf's THEY ARE NOT A VALID FORMAT.

New Peecho Edition

  • Thicker photography-quality paper with deeper blacks and stronger colours.

  • A few more extra pages in the appendix.

  • Hardcover! You can beat a burglar to death with it!

  • Looks posher and more expensive, therefore leading people to treat its numerous imperfections as complex aesthetic choices rather than just stupidity on our part.


Throne of Salt

By the time I was done, I felt as if I had finished several hours of paging through Sandman. That sort of clear-headed, Lethe-drunk state of slowly rising to the surface of a dream despite never falling asleep. A good book for quiet, rainy days. An excellent book in general, but especially good then.

Swamp of Monsters!

"it’s shockingly beautiful and satisfying to simply read, but reading it makes me want to use it in a game, and that’s part of what’s so satisfying about it. Seriously it is completely unique from any other book I’ve ever read."


This book sounds cool, but is illustrated by Scrap Princess.i really, really wish there was less of a "vague scribble" feel to the art.

Against The Wicked City

I'll just say that anyone who has any interest in monsters, weird fiction, or the stranger, more conceptually ambitious end of roleplaying games should really, really get themselves a copy. You won't regret it.

Monsters and Manuals

Well, Fire on the Velvet Horizon for the most part manages to completely do away with the "this with a this" formula, and that is just about the highest praise I can possibly think of for a monster book. It's also beautifully written and illustrated, which is the second highest praise I can possibly think of for a monster book or RPG product generally.

Chiina Mieville

"Superpositioning with strange panache, Velvet Horizon is an (outstanding) indie role-playing-game supplement, and an (outstanding) example of experimental quasi-/meta-/sur-/kata-fiction. Also a work of art. Easily one of my standout books of 2015." - China Mieville


"Fire on the Velvet Horizon is a monster book, but that description seems reductive. Scrap Princess and Patrick Stuart have produced something very avante garde and truly unique."

basic red

"Not like any monster manual I'd ever read, I was certain, but still of its genus species. That was my expectation. My expectation can fuck off I guess because Fire on the Velvet Horizon is better than me.".


"Patrick Stuart & Scrap Princess' Fire on the Velvet Horizon and Rafael Chandler & Gennifer Bone's Lusus Naturae have redefined the monster bestiary for role-playing games and have basically made every single other such book boring, backwards, and useless."

Hack & Slash

"I read a lot of fiction, and the creativity here is on par with some of the masters. Gene Wolfe displays this kind of creativity in his novels. Borges describes the type of hells these creatures inhabit in passing. McCarthy has the type of poetic turn that takes your mind from where it is and puts it somewhere you are not. This is what the book does."


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